Football Manager 2019 Best coaches

Training has been given a complete overhaul in Football Manager 2019, giving the manager more control on the daily routine for your players.

To make sure your players will get the best development available, you will also have to sign the best coaches. That is why we have created this article, which shows you the Football Manager 2019 best coaches.

All the coaches on our lists have been handpicked by the FMInside backroom staff and will all give you at least 4 stars in their own specific coaching areas. We also made sure that the coaches on this list are willing to sign a contract for that specific role.

New training areas

As we said in the intro, training has been given a complete overhaul in Football Manager 2019. Not only will you be able to pick a daily schedule for your team, your backroom staff has also seen some changes. The categories you were used to have in Football Manager 2018 and earlier versions have been replaced.

In FM19 the training areas have been divided into five different categories:

  • Goalkeeping
  • Defending
  • Attacking
  • Possession
  • Fitness

And these categories have all been divided into two different areas. Goalkeeping has Shot Stopping and Handling, Fitness has Strength and Quickness. The biggest changes have been made in the other three categories. Defending, Attacking and Possession are now divided in the categories Tactical and Technical. That means that every category has a technical and tactical side to it, making it more diverse.

Potential ability for coaches

Did you know coaches have a potential ability too? Coaches can develop their attributes during a save and that will improve or decline their quality. One way to develop a coach is by sending him on a coaching course. With that in mind, signing a younger coach on this list would be advised, as he will be able to get even better.

5 star coaching

To get a maximum result on training, you will have to make sure to get the maximum rating for every single category. The rating is shown by a set of stars, where 5 stars is the maximum. The starts not only represent the quality of training, but also the coaches’ workload. The higher the workload, the lower the quality of that training category. Even if a coach has all needed attributes set on 20, a high workload will take away stars.

1 coach per category

The stars in the training area are used for both quality and workload. The more players you have, the higher the workload is. The higher the workload, the lower the quality of training. So it is a bit of a mix and match. Ideally you want at least one coach per category. However, to minimize workload, you should actually have at least two coaches per category.

TIP: You and your assistant(s) are also considered as coaches. Use yourself and your assistant to decrease the workload on some of the categories.

Football Manager 2019 Best coaches

Best fitness coaches

Below you will see a list with the best Fitness coaches in Football Manager 2019. Coaches will need the same attributes for both areas Strength and Quickness.

We have used the following criteria to select these coaches, who will all give you 3.5 stars or more:

  • Fitness Coaching 15 or higher
  • Level of Discipline 12 or higher
  • Determination 12 or higher
  • Motivating 12 or higher
  • Preferred job: Coach or Fitness coach
Name Age Club Wage Expires
Anselmo Sbragia 45 Corinthians £850 p/w 31/12/2021
Antonio Mello 70
Paolo Bertelli 57 Chelsea £5,000 p/w 30/06/2019
Claudio Bordon 66
Kai Braun 51 Bayer 04 £1,100 p/w 30/06/2020
Elio Carravetta 57 Internacional £875 p/w 31/12/2021
Mike Clegg 40 Sunderland £500 p/w 30/06/2019
Costantino Coratti 50
Darlan Schneider 54
Juvenilson de Souza 46
Nicklas Dietrich 35
Nicolas Dyon 40 Lugano £975 p/w 30/06/2021
Ferreirinha 37 FCP £4,100 p/w 30/06/2020
Eduardo Freitas 46 Cruzeiro £825 p/w 31/12/2021
Nathan Gardiner 43 Tottenham £1,000 p/w 30/06/2019
Antonio Gualtieri 28 Juventus £2,700 p/w 30/06/2023
Markus Gunther 51 Hamburger SV £2,700 p/w 30/06/2021
Mark Howard 40 Burnley £1,800 p/w 30/06/2021
Joelton Urtiga 49
Zvonko Komes 59
Andreas Kornmayer 43 Liverpool £6,750 p/w 30/06/2019
Henrik Kuchno 44 Hertha BSC £1,800 p/w 30/06/2020
Karla Larburu 49 Real Socidad £1,800 p/w 30/06/2019
Werner Leuthard 56
Manoel Santos 50 Fluminense £825 p/w 31/12/2020
Joao Martins 30 Braga £875 p/w 30/06/2021
Eduardo Mendonca Pimenta 43
Alexander Mouhcine 39 M’gladbach £2,700 p/w 30/06/2019
Massimo Neri 60
Chris Neville 47 Swindon £1,500 p/w 30/06/2020
Omar Feitosa 51 Palmeiras £800 p/w 31/12/2021
Charlie Owen 31 Man Utd £750 p/w 30/06/2020
Miljenko Rak 70
Bjorn Rekelhof 53 Ajax £1,400 p/w 30/06/2019
Darren Robinson 45
Roberto Sassi 67 Juventus £3,600 p/w 30/06/2019
Marcelo Tulbovitz 56 River £725 p/w 31/12/2021
Javier Vilamitjana 50 Velez £650 p/w 30/06/2019
Gary Walker 36 Man Utd £4,000 p/w 30/06/2020
Walmir Cruz 58
Florian Wangler 38 Dortmund £4,300 p/w 30/06/2019
Thomas Wilhelmi 51 FC Bayern £1,700 p/w 30/06/2021
Markus Zetlmeisl 51 Schalke 04 II £1,300 p/w 30/06/2019
by Lazy – FMInside